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"We are full of praise for the work that Louie and Searchright Australia have done for our company. We saw great results from the SEO work almost immediately and within weeks were getting first place rankings on most of the key words we targeted. We highly recommend Searchright Australia for SEO work and ongoing SEO support"

"I was amazed at how quickly SearchRight were able to achieve a 1st-page ranking for my site. It's clear that they know their trade exceptionally well. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their business' performance. The best marketing investment we ever made !"


There are many advantages of using your website design company like SearchRight for your  businesses search engine optimisation. Following a just a few points that should highlight these and if you do keep these in mind it will help you out in getting your website ranked once deployed.
  1. If you use the same website design studio to do your SEO, then everything is handled by one company under one roof, so to speak. If there are too many fingers in the pie, mistakes can happen and wires can get crossed. Having one form handle your digital online strategy will make things a lot easier for you. Think about it, your web designer gets to know you, your business and your target market and can therefore target an online SEO solution to cater for this. There is no duplication of services which saves you time and money.
  2. There is the trust factor to consider. You develop a great relationship with your web designer and you want to carry this forward with your search engine strategy. Most ( and you should be careful about this) reliable and credible web studios, will be able to offer this added service. Ask them about this and see if they are able to bundle up a web and SEO package at the commencement of the project. Its a pity to end a web relationship and start up a SEO relationship for the same site. Once trust has been developed this should be nurtured and utilised for all your online marketing.
  3. Nowadays, there are so many strings to getting to page one of google that you do need to have an expert working on this. It is not just back links that help you get to page 1. There are so many on page factors to be considered ( what people actually see on the website) that getting your web design team to facilitate this is going to work well for you. After all, they have done the design, so they should be understand what design is needed be SEO compliant. Most solid web companies, should know that the combination of graphics, user interface website copywriting and programming is needed to come together nicely in one piece, if your site will have any chance of ranking.
  4.  SEO is a new industry and not very well under stood. The entry criteria is very low and just about any one with a slight knowledge of the internet can claim to be search engine gurus. They advertise the hell out of themselves and claim to be the best in the industry. Often they make unrealistic and untrue claims about immediate rankings, which is a totally wrong. Aligning oneself with a SEO company that has no proven track record, with the decision purely based on cost, will end up only in tears later on when there has been no online gain and you have forked out marketing dollars. This is why you should be using your web page design company, who you have met and who has worked with you to get a website. One very critical point is to ask them to show you what they will be implementing and perhaps a few case studies of clients they have been able to rank in the past. This industry is rife with bad elements, giving the whole industry a very bad name. This is why you should know the difference between certain SEO companies. If you go with a Sydney based web company that is known in the arena for quality work, then they should be able to follow this through with a great online marketing campaign for your URL.
These are just a few points to be wary of. Basically, I could go on here forever and talk about quality web design companies versus dodgy SEO teams. But, on the whole you should use your gut instinct and go with the person of team you feel comfortable with.

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