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If you have ever seen the way an Infographic can get your attention, you will realise what a great marketing & SEO tool this can be. Especially true, if it’s application is web based. Having the right infographic convey your message can be the difference between getting the right message across or having it fall flat.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to use a graphic design agency that know how to conceive and then illustrate these infographics in a way that will be positively received. Also select a local wordpress developer in Australia to code it for you

Choosing the right graphic design studio is often quite difficult in this saturated market but if you find that ‘gem’ then you are on a winner.  Choosing a dud will just result in a poorly executed image that will have little effect on your target audience.
Clients and customers want to be wowed by design and they also want to get the intention of your message in under 3 seconds. This is not an easy task, but at Hopping Mad Designs we have the right mix of design brains and business savvy to bring your infographic to life. We don’t just take the brief, but challenge you and look at ways of making this graphic as eye catching as possible.

To help you get the right designer I have listed a few very key elements that you should be aware of before they get started on your Infographic.

Probably the best thing that I can think of is to see a selection of past work they have done with Infographics.  Basically they should have selection of work perhaps they have done on other websites, blogs or articles. If you like what you see, then go for it.

Getting a message across via this type of illustration takes a fair bit of planning. You really need to know a lot about the message, intended market and desired outcome if it will work. Most graphic designers have worked with a range of businesses and will therefore be able to pick up a design brief and work with it. Because infographics can be quite detailed it’s a good idea to go with a designer that get’s your business BUT if it is the first time you are working with them, they should be keen to explore ideas and options with you. Attitude and a willingness to work with you, will play a huge role in this.

The price of infographics has come down in the last couple of years, but be prepared to pay a fair price for the work involved. If this is going to be used extensively and will play a role in your marketing, don’t be afraid to pay that bit more, to get the best desired results.

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