clients say

"We are full of praise for the work that Louie and Searchright Australia have done for our company. We saw great results from the SEO work almost immediately and within weeks were getting first place rankings on most of the key words we targeted. We highly recommend Searchright Australia for SEO work and ongoing SEO support"

"I was amazed at how quickly SearchRight were able to achieve a 1st-page ranking for my site. It's clear that they know their trade exceptionally well. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their business' performance. The best marketing investment we ever made !"

SearchRight team led by Australia’s top & seasoned SEO professional Louie Ramos specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization(SMO), all of which work together to get our clients’ sites noticed by their targeted markets as well as to attract new business by reaching markets that may have been unavailable to them before.

Having a streamlined, effectively managed, professionally designed website that’s easy to navigate helps to ensure our clients’ success and increases the likelihood of a great return on their investment. When potential customers perform web searches for businesses who can meet their particular needs, relevancy is the key to the results the search engine is going to provide. Search engines are constantly scanning your website in the background and relaying information back to their databases. This is why relative keywords that describe your businesses and the proper usage and placement of them are imperative.

The search engines rank each website by the relevant information contained within. The ones that score the highest are given more weight within the engines and will be in the first results returned to the searchers, based on the key search terms they entered. If the information contained within your website is not relevant to your business or if it’s poorly laid out in design, it will be ranked lower in the search engines, thereby making them appear lower in the search results. In today’s age of insta-gratification, Internet searchers want it fast and they want it now. They aren’t likely to scroll through 14 pages of results, clicking each one link by link until they happen to stumble upon yours.

Customer satisfaction is not our goal, it’s our starting point. We understand the importance of relevancy in a successful marketing campaign. The placement and optimization specialists at SearchRight always target the relevant keywords to deliver relevant traffic to your website. We understand the importance of web traffic in your website’s livelihood. Each visitor that is directed to your site is a potential customer – one that is ready to buy now or one that you can easily motivate into making a purchase. Our primary focus is on drawing those potential customers to your website by increasing your web presence with a streamlined website that is optimized to bring you the best and most profitable results.